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£ 15,000,000

German Lotto 6aus49

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  • Jackpot Record £ 15,000,000
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How to Play

Keno is a lottery-style game that originated in China. It is now played in casinos across the world, and in Germany every day it gives players the chance to win prizes for small stakes.

To take part you must choose between 2 and 10 numbers from the range of 1 to 70. As well as choosing how many numbers you wish to pick, you can also choose your stake from £1 to £10.

The draw takes place daily at 8.40pm UK time.

In a weird twist, if you pick 8 numbers and none come up, you win some of your stake back! In fact, on a £10 stake if you were to pick 8 numbers, and none of those numbers came up in the draw, then you would win £7.40 back.

So there it is then – at last a lottery game where you get to win, even when you lose!

You can play the German Keno game at Lottoland.

License and Operation

Keno is part of the lottery franchise regulated by the German government.

Interesting Facts

The equipment used to generate the numbers for the German Keno game is totally unique. The machine sits in a hermetically sealed room and the numbers drawn are transmitted by infrared to another computer from which they are announced.