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£ 5,200,000

Mega Sena

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  • Country Brazil
  • Jackpot Record £ 5,200,000
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The Game

The Mega Sena is a lottery from Brazil, the largest in the country.

The draws for this game take place twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00 Brasilia time.

Mega Sena draw uses a unique system whereby six 2 digit numbers are chosen by picking one number each from two separate spherical cages. In the first cage are balls with numbers ranging from  0 to 5, and in the second cage are balls with numbers ranging from o to 9. Should both numbers drawn be 0, then the number 60 is chosen as the two digit number drawn.

The draw concludes when six unique two digit numbers are drawn.

To take part, players must choose between six and 15 numbers out of the possible 60. Scoring 4, 5 or 6 points will make the player eligible for a prize.

The odds of winning the top jackpot prize when you place a minium bet are one in 50,063,860.

License and Operation

The Mega Sena is run by the Caixa Economica Federal Bank.

Interesting Facts

A Mega de Virada game takes place every New Years Eve, taking its prize fund from 5% of the pool of Mega Sena games throughout the year. This game produces huge jackpots, making it incredibly popular in Brazil. The record jackpot for the game was R$ 263,29 million in 2014.