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£ 3,000,000

Oz Saturday Lotto

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  • Ticket Price Nil
  • Country Australia
  • Jackpot Record £ 3,000,000
  • Saturday
  • Saturday

How to Play

The Oz Saturday Lotto is also known as Tattslotto. 

For the Oz Saturday Lotto game, eight numbers are drawn from the drum. The balls in the drum are numbered from 1 to 45.

Players must choose 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 45.

From the 8 numbers drawn from the drum, the first six are the winning numbers. The final 2 numbers drawn are only relevant to the second, fifth and sixth prize tiers.

The regular Saturday game has a starting prize of $4 million, but there are also Superdraws which take place six or seven times a year and have jackpots of around $20 million. At Christmas and New Year there is also a Megadraw with a jackpot of $30 million.

The odds of wining the jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060.

You can play the Oz Saturday Lotto at Lottoland.

License and Operation

Tatts Group limited, the only official government – licensed lottery operator in Australia, is responsible for the Oz Saturday Lotto game.