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Swedish Lotto

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The Game

The lotto in Sweden is one of the oldest in the world, starting in 1896. The latest version of the Swedish Lotto was launched in 1980.

Players must pick seven numbers from the range of 1 to 35.  The chances of winning in this game are increased because 2 sets of winning numbers are chosen. Additionally, for both sets of winning numbers, four bonus numbers are drawn.

The bonus numbers are only applicable to the second tier of prizes.

To win the full jackpot players must pick all seven numbers correctly.

The jackpot starts at SEK 3 million, and continues to rollover with every unclaimed draw without a cap on the winnings. There is not tax on the payout.

License and Operation

The Swedish Lottery company, Svenska Spel is responsible for the running of the lottery in Sweden.

Interesting Facts

In 2005 one lucky winner claimed a record jackpot of SEK 144 million. This is the equivalent to US$21 million.