What is a lottery messenger service?

Lotto Alerts | 5th Nov 2016

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In our previous article we talked about Lottery Betting.

The betting system allows you to place bets on the outcome of lotto draws from around the world.

Lottery betting companies pay a premium to an insurance company for every bet placed. The insurance company then pay out the big prize if the punter chooses the correct numbers in the draw.

For some people this is a great way to play. It’s simple and easy.

But for others, they prefer to have a real lottery ticket as proof that they are entered into the draw.A lottery messenger service, or lottery booker, will do that for you.

When you play through a lottery messenger service, once you’ve chosen your lotto numbers online, the company you play with will use a booking agent to purchase real tickets in the country where the draw is taking place.

These tickets are then scanned and uploaded to your account as proof of purchase.

Like lottery betting, the lottery messenger service is a great way to enable people in any country around the world to take part in lottery games that are happening in other countries.

And of course when you play this way, you have access to the same prizes as every other player who buys a ticket!

You can find all our recommended lottery messengers listed in our Where to play guide.

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