Is the Number 13 Really Unlucky?

Lotto Alerts | 21st Nov 2016

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Many of us believe in superstitions such as not walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella indoors. But being superstitious about numbers can also affect those of us who play lottery games. And, it appears that the most dread number of all is the number 13.

Having a morbid fear of the number 13 even has a term – triskaidekaphobia – which comes from the Greek words “tris” (three), “kai” (and), “deka” (ten), and “phobos” (fear). Architects often avoid adding a thirteenth floor, and people are generally wary of Friday the 13th (a date which spawned a popular horror movie franchise).

It’s believed that superstitions surrounding the number 13 come from Judas being the thirteenth guest at the Last Supper, and a Norse legend where Loki turned up uninvited to a banquet of twelve gods, and almost caused the end of the world.

Whether you believe in lucky numbers or not, it’s no surprise that many lottery players avoid picking the number 13.

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