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    You’ve probably heard of lottery syndicates. They are a great way to decrease the cost of taking part in a lottery draw, whist increasing your chances of winning at the same time!

    Here’s how it works. In the offline world, a group of family or friends get together to share the cost of a ticket or a group of tickets.

    So if you normally buy one ticket for £2, you may instead put £2 into a syndicate kitty with 10 others. Of course, with £2 each in the kitty, that’s £20 worth of lottery lines going into the draw.

    That’s a massive increase in your chances of winning a prize, which will be shared amongst the other members of the syndicate.

    It works in the same way online as well. Except, in this case, you don’t have to worry about finding a group of friends to join your syndicate, because most lottery messenger services will do this for you.

    Simply go to a site like The Lotterand choose the Syndicates link. There you’ll find lots of options to play the lottery online with groups of 100 or more other players, increasing your chances of winning many times over.

    For example a share in 200 lines in the US Megamillions draw currently costs just £7.87 at the Lotter.

    Play in a lottery syndicate at The Lotter now!

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