Lucky Numbers and Superstitions

Lotto Alerts | 18th Nov 2016

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As keen lottery players, many of us have lucky numbers that we like to use when buying our game cards. However, there may be numbers you equally try to avoid in the belief that they’re unlucky.

When it comes to unlucky and lucky numbers, there are many superstitions, and the most commonly avoided is the number 13.

However, if you’re looking for fortuitous numbers, you might want to choose 3. It’s associated with the Holy Trinity, as well as sayings such as “third time lucky”.

9 is also a favourite among lottery fans as it’s a multiple of 3, and is used to describe how we feel when we’re in a wonderful mood – “on cloud nine”.

Finally, there’s 12 – a number which is just the right side of 13. There are plenty of reasons to like the number 12 as there are twelve days in a year, twelve signs of the Zodiac, and in the Bible, twelve symbolises perfection and completeness.

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