What Do People Do with their Lottery Winnings?

Lotto Alerts | 20th Nov 2016

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Everyone who plays lotteries dreams of seeing their numbers coming in and being able to buy everything from a brand-new car or a millionaire’s mansion to a designer wardrobe or a luxury holiday. Some lottery winners continue to work while others take early retirement and live off the interest created by their winnings.

As a lottery fan, we’re sure you’ve already got a mental list of the things you’d do or buy if you scored a life-changing win, but if you’re curious as to what other winners do with their new-found fortunes, here are a few examples.

John Kutey used some of his $28.7m fortune to build a water park in New York. 81-year-old Powerball winner, Louise White, used her $336m to set up a trust named after the ice cream she bought before buying her lottery ticket while publican, Nigel Willetts, used his £1m win to travel the world with his family.

What would you do with your winnings?

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