What is Lottery Betting?

Lotto Alerts | 9th Nov 2016

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So the whole world is waking up to playing the lottery online. Where once it was all about strolling down to the cornershop to choose your numbers. Now your millionaire windfall is just a few clicks away!

You’ve probably already played a few times online. But what you might not have tried is a new phenomenon called Lottery Betting.

This new system of playing is really no different to buying a ticket online. The way you choose your numbers is the same, and the cost of a line is the same. Even the prize payouts are the same.

However, when you bet on the lottery online, there are no real tickets involved. Instead, the company who takes your bet, pays a premium to an insurance company who pay out the prize money should you win.

There are a few big advantages to playing online this way.

It means the company who takes your bets can offer special features like free lines, bonuses and double jackpots (where you can choose to double your stake to win twice the advertised jackpot figure!).

It also means that you can play lotteries from all around the world from your home.

You don’t have to be in the states to place a bet on the outcome of the US Powerball game anymore. You can do it from anywhere where it is legal to place a bet online. And you can win the same amount as a player who plays the game with a real lottery ticket in New York!

The biggest lottery betting website of them all is Lottoland. There you can play more than 20 different games from around the world. You can read more about them on Lotto Alerts here.

Of if you want to start betting today, you can claim a free Powerball line by signing up at Lottoland right now.

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